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  My name is Marwan El Kadi ID@00016272 , Sec 3,  My topic is about car rims and their specs in the UAE and abroad.

    My web site is all about the different types of rimes on the market in the UAE and abroad. As well there prices and the images on different types of vehicles, what type of designs can be put on which kind of cars meaning there shape and how many inches each car can take to have the cool look on there car. This is just the begging as well we have all the best site links in  the UAE  for more info .

    This web site is not for all people only the people who which to enhance there car in a different way and be recognized on the road also have to be ready to spend a great amount of money for these products because we only look at the more highly standard of car rimes in the market today all around the world.


Marwan El Kadi 

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